..watch out boys, she’s becomin’ a little lady!

good morning everybody!

what a weekend! hope you all had a good one too. i don’t even know where to start. it was a busy week and will be a fun month coming up for sure! so as most of you know, i turned 4 (mos of course) this past week. and of course, when you turn 4 mos old, you need to start acting like it, right? that means good bye to the days of almost sleeping through the nights (a girl’s got stuff to see and more importantly, things to say), hello voice, and upright seats and bouncers, and yum-o solid foods!

i got my new seat from grammy and pop pop so i can sit at the counter with everyone at dinner, and mom and dad grabbed garrett’s bouncer for me to try out.. ..loved it! and garrett was very nice to share it with me since it was really his (see: sarcasm). i also tried oatmeal on saturday. mom and dad were in cohorts with my doctor to try and fill me up so i’d sleep more or something like that, but tis all in vain! i’ll sleep when i’m ready. until then, just wake up and listen to my night songs i like singing. sounds nice right? i thought it was the least i could do for them.

garrett said he’ll talk to you all soon-he’s been nice enough to allow me to high-jack his blog for a bit but with my big bro’s 2nd bday coming up next week, i’m sure he’ll be back on to give you all some face time soon.

until then, love you!


..excuses, excuses, excuses! 3 months old!!

‘we’re so busy now that everyone’s back to work..’ ‘two kids leaves us so wiped out at the end of the day and week..’ ‘yada-yada-yada..’

just give me the laptop and let me talk to my people already! it’s me, kendall, and i’m three (almost four) months old!

sorry about the delay. above you see the short list of stories i hear from mom and dad as to why it takes so long for me to get my tiny little fingers on the computer to get my stories and pictures to you all. i’ll stay on them though, dont worry. it’ll get more timely, i promise!

so how have you all been? we’ve been great over here! winter hasn’t been too bad on us. even though it’s been cold, we’ve done our best through footy pjs and lots of hugs to stay warm. garrett and i have been getting closer and closer too! that crazy son of (our parents) is a real ham for sure. he cracks me up every time i see that face! i’ve been working on my voice and almost rolling over too! dad’s getting grayer and grayer by the day. a walking, talking me is why he took up boxing years ago. future boyfriend’s beware! (he also plans on buying a gun in case physical intimidation isn’t his thing..)

hope you guys are all doing good! i’ll see you soon!



..alright already with the elmo videos- i’m 2 months old!!

well it didn’t take too long to pry the computer from my big brother’s little fingers and distract him from watching elmo videos-now it’s mine and my turn!

hi guys and gals! your favorite little lady is now two months old, going on three, and doing super well!

i’ve really been taking it easy on mom and dad lately. lots of day time naps, and even sleeping through the night in my crib and only getting up 1-2 times! i know, right? but we can’t go too easy on them, you know? so recently i started ensuring that they (and ms carolyn my baby sitter) change me immediately when they hear me ‘brewing,’ and also controlling mom’s pjs. if she comes to get me at night to feed me, and i’m not approving of her tshirt, well, i help her change it.. ..i’m the gift that keeps on giving!

other than that, i’ve already started rolling over, trying to talk, and smiling like crazy. i love smiling. smiling is by far my favorite!

happy new year and see you soon!


..it’s about time dad- merry christmas and happy new year everyone!!

sooo sorry about the delay to all of our fans out there.. ..dad was hogging the computer and we couldn’t get our holiday post out as fast as we would have liked! but the computer is ours and a new post is all yours!

so how was everyone’s holidays? ours was great! first we hung out with grammy and pop-pop and snapped a few photos for our christmas card during our cousin kyla’s christening party. then for christmas we headed upstate to grandmom and grandpops! and boy were we not disappointed like last year with snow and a white christmas! two and a half feet by the time we left to be exact! grandpop and dad took me outside and we went sledding and had a ball! i even ate a bunch of snow-not yellow, thank you..

kendall and i took a bunch of pics all dressed up and dapper for christmas eve at uncle richard’s and aunt lela’s and despite many a christmas cookie from grandpop and the subsequent sugar rush that followed, tried our best to sleep through the night before santa came.. ..and did he ever! toys and clothes galore! this santa character is no joke (mom and dad did pretty good too)!

new year’s eve uncle greg and amara came over to have dinner with us and i even shared my celebration beads and hats with everyone. kendall and i rang in 2013 just like mommy and daddy.. ..tucked away snuggly in our beds!

enjoy the pics everybody! (kendall’s updating soon i think, so stay tuned..)

g & k

..sshhhhh. garrett’s not looking so im taking over!

hey everyone!

its me, kendall! you know, everyone’s favorite leading lady at 202 carrington!

garrett is busy making mommy insane this morning (typical boy stuff-ripping covers off of books, tormenting skeetsy, you know) so i figured id take this chance to post on my own.

its only been 5 weeks but i think im establishing myself quite well into the family mix. and in that i mean, as the driver of said crazy train. that’s right. i tell them all when to eat, when to sleep, when to sit, and exactly how long to do each of those things. garrett and i are getting along pretty well so far. i know he loves me, but he has tested the ‘softness’ of my new little skull a few times.. ..to be expected. he makes up for it in kisses i suppose.

so here’s a few pics to tide you over until our next post-probably after this pretty sweet holiday you all call ‘christmas.’ hope you enjoy! talk to you soon 🙂


..♪ it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas ♫ ..oh, and my baby sis is a month old!

hi everybody!

who needs sleep and sanity?! (i mean, i have enough of each, but my parents seem to be struggling? my very young mind is pretty sure they both had a say in their current predicament, no?)

anywho, our house is so awesome now a days! i’ve had the joy of devouring more treats, being (choose one: calmed, kept quiet, kept happy and satisfied, etc) by extra episodes of elmo and mickey’s clubhouse, and given more hugs and kisses than before my little hairy side kick ever came along! who’d thunk?  mom and dad had the illusion that everything was gonna be candy and cupcakes with grandmom was here for a few weeks. grandmom went back home to ny and it was like i was on an episode of the real world! while ‘all hell didn’t break loose,’ fun times definitely commenced! we’re in our groove now though and running smoothly as can be. everyone has their schedules right down to sunday italian dinners. (ps-i love pasta)

we’ve even managed to get in the christmas spirit nice and early. this past sunday we went out to our family breakfast and ended up at the tree farm picking out our tree. i helped as the foreman (see:  i removed ornaments to replace elsewhere on the tree) and made sure the lights were working well.  i also helped dad put the star on the top of the tree. a big honor for sure! kendall and i ‘posed’ this morning in my chair for mom. we took our christmas card photos a few weeks ago too, and i’ll give you a little taste of what’ll soon be in your mailboxes with some of the pics below.
and let’s not forget, my little sister kendall turned one a few days ago! (month that is) i was a little bitter as she plopped herself down in ‘my chair’ for her photo shoot, but she looked cute enough for me to let her stay. she’s growing up fast for sure- soon enough we’ll be way too much for mom and dad to handle. (again, their doing!!) 🙂