10 months old.. ..wait.. ..11 months old! daaaaaaaaaad!!

sorry about the shouting everyone. but i lost track of time and my dad apparently forgot to lend me or garrett the computer to keep you all updated.

so again, my apologies.

but i digress.. ..how are you all?!? garrett and i are doing awesome. we’ve had so much fun since we last talked to you. i, of course, am now 11 months old and prepping for my first birthday. garrett is doing great too. its amazing, even to me, how fast he can go from super duper happy to angrier than a  bee without his honey in mere seconds. mom and dad are some kind of patient folks, that’s for sure.. ..well mom is at least 😉

so what have we been up to? what haven’t we been up to?! to run down the short list: please touch museum with grandmom and grandpop- the philadelphia and cape may zoos with grammy and pop pop- sleepover’s with our cousins at both grandparents- birthday’s galore including pop pops, grandpops, grandmoms, and uncle shad’s- and day trips to the beach. whew. im exhausted.

enjoy the pics and we’ll see you all soon!

love g & k



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