..9 months old and movin’ & a shakin’!

hi everybody!! it’s me, you’re favorite little lady!

this summer has been awesome so far! so much fun and so much sun. garrett and i have spent a ton of time outside with mommy and daddy playing in the fresh air and bright sun! our days have been filled with lots of laughs, little froggies, and beautiful sunsets. we’ve had awesome visits from grammy and pop pop and grandmom and grandpop this month! g and i have never eaten so many delicious treats in our lives! and adventures abound! we’ve been to bounceU, the park and playground, the beach, and already have trips to the please touch museum and the zoo on the schedule!

as for me, i am becoming one little mobile lady. and as you can see below, i will always stretch before i get moving. little treats (some edible, some not) on the floor and and garrett’s toys beware! you all belong to me now! i also enjoy standing up as of late. i mean, i can’t let garrett run this place. i need to be up to speed as soon as possible so he can’t take over!

enjoy the pics and the end of summer and we’ll see you all soon!

love g & k



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