..hot fun in the summer time (with your favorite 8 month old of course)!

alright already with the heat!

hi everybody! we hope you’re enjoying your summer’s! garrett and i are having a blast so far. lots of sweet treats, swimming, sand, and sun.

and how about that sunshine? it’s pretty much been like a uv-based growth hormone for me over the past few weeks. hair? you betcha-growing like a weed! teeth? two on the bottom row so far as i can count. crawling? heck yes! the warm temps and long days are like a little baby battery charger. i’m loving it! and although my best buddy g will always be my #1 fan, my new found mobility (see:access to all of ‘his’ toys) has him reconsidering our bond.. stay tuned!

we just got back from this place called ‘the shore’ with my cousins and grammy and pop pop. what a blast! garrett loved playing in the waves, but i’m a sand girl myself. i could’ve played in that stuff all day long! and oh my the treats. had my first fruit chunks, donut bites, and even ice cream! (you thought these cheeks came from pureed mixed vegetables??)

up next, we have a few visits and trips with grandmom and grandpop that we can’t wait for and other than that, a nice relaxing last month of the summer!

enjoy our pics!

love, g & k


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