..one year down, and a b-day party and halloween in the books.. ..bring on the holidays!

howdy everyone! it’s me, everyone’s favorite 1 year old reporting from the family farm!

what a month it’s been! mom and dad survived a trip to the pumpkin patch, visits from grammy and pop pop and grandmom and grandpop, family photos, a birthday party, and halloween and are still living to tell about it! i mean, they did choose to have us, am i right?

garrett and i have been having a blast. fall is one of my favorite times of the year, you know. and with my birthday filled with family, friends, and frosting, who could ask for more? mommy was a baking all-star with my cake and cupcakes and chocolate party favors. the lady’s got skills!

and of course g and i love halloween too. we joined forces this year for our ‘family farm’ theme with him as the strong farmer and i his little calf. i can even moo! our cousins kyla and landon came down and we had our traditional tour of the neighborhood collecting candies. ..speaking of, i have yet to see any of my candy.. i’ll have to look into that.

enjoy the pics, and we’ll see you soon!

love g & k

10 months old.. ..wait.. ..11 months old! daaaaaaaaaad!!

sorry about the shouting everyone. but i lost track of time and my dad apparently forgot to lend me or garrett the computer to keep you all updated.

so again, my apologies.

but i digress.. ..how are you all?!? garrett and i are doing awesome. we’ve had so much fun since we last talked to you. i, of course, am now 11 months old and prepping for my first birthday. garrett is doing great too. its amazing, even to me, how fast he can go from super duper happy to angrier than a  bee without his honey in mere seconds. mom and dad are some kind of patient folks, that’s for sure.. ..well mom is at least 😉

so what have we been up to? what haven’t we been up to?! to run down the short list: please touch museum with grandmom and grandpop- the philadelphia and cape may zoos with grammy and pop pop- sleepover’s with our cousins at both grandparents- birthday’s galore including pop pops, grandpops, grandmoms, and uncle shad’s- and day trips to the beach. whew. im exhausted.

enjoy the pics and we’ll see you all soon!

love g & k


..9 months old and movin’ & a shakin’!

hi everybody!! it’s me, you’re favorite little lady!

this summer has been awesome so far! so much fun and so much sun. garrett and i have spent a ton of time outside with mommy and daddy playing in the fresh air and bright sun! our days have been filled with lots of laughs, little froggies, and beautiful sunsets. we’ve had awesome visits from grammy and pop pop and grandmom and grandpop this month! g and i have never eaten so many delicious treats in our lives! and adventures abound! we’ve been to bounceU, the park and playground, the beach, and already have trips to the please touch museum and the zoo on the schedule!

as for me, i am becoming one little mobile lady. and as you can see below, i will always stretch before i get moving. little treats (some edible, some not) on the floor and and garrett’s toys beware! you all belong to me now! i also enjoy standing up as of late. i mean, i can’t let garrett run this place. i need to be up to speed as soon as possible so he can’t take over!

enjoy the pics and the end of summer and we’ll see you all soon!

love g & k


..hot fun in the summer time (with your favorite 8 month old of course)!

alright already with the heat!

hi everybody! we hope you’re enjoying your summer’s! garrett and i are having a blast so far. lots of sweet treats, swimming, sand, and sun.

and how about that sunshine? it’s pretty much been like a uv-based growth hormone for me over the past few weeks. hair? you betcha-growing like a weed! teeth? two on the bottom row so far as i can count. crawling? heck yes! the warm temps and long days are like a little baby battery charger. i’m loving it! and although my best buddy g will always be my #1 fan, my new found mobility (see:access to all of ‘his’ toys) has him reconsidering our bond.. stay tuned!

we just got back from this place called ‘the shore’ with my cousins and grammy and pop pop. what a blast! garrett loved playing in the waves, but i’m a sand girl myself. i could’ve played in that stuff all day long! and oh my the treats. had my first fruit chunks, donut bites, and even ice cream! (you thought these cheeks came from pureed mixed vegetables??)

up next, we have a few visits and trips with grandmom and grandpop that we can’t wait for and other than that, a nice relaxing last month of the summer!

enjoy our pics!

love, g & k

..springtime photo shoot with mommy!

aaahhhhh. the smell of fresh cut grass and flowers in the air! with crazy hair blowing in the wind, who wouldn’t love weather like this?!

sunshine. front yard. comfy blanket. cute, well, me. what more do you need?!


love, k.

..holy heat wave bat man-anyone up for a swim?!

wowza! someone turn off the oven please! a girl with hair like this at 7 months old can’t take much more. if you see me sans any clothes, you need not ask why!

so how’s everyone doing?! we’re all pretty good over here despite the rising temperatures. (lots of naked time to combat that). garrett and i have been enjoying each others company as of late- lots of tubbies and hang out time! we’re pretty much best buds (until it comes to sharing toys and cheerios.. ..then, not so much. but we’ll work on it).

i’ve been loving eating all kinds of new foods, sitting up and watching the world go by on my own, and certainly not sleeping. who needs it? am i right? mom and dad said something about ‘blah blah blah, maybe now community college, blah blah blah’ as they’re bring in some sleep specialists to help me with my night time/early morning ‘sessions.’ i don’t get it. who wouldn’t want to hear me talking (see:screaming) at 3 am every morning? i mean c’mon-look at that face!?

hope you enjoy the pics! see you soon!

love k&g

..can a sista get some sunshine up in here?!

thank goodness! being born in october, i was beginning to think all this talk about sunshine and warm days was a big scam.. ..but finally some sun!

well it’s official. i’m 6 mos old going on 11. we’ve been having a blast the past few weeks eating all kinds of new foods (you can keep your peas thank you very much), learning to pick up and slurp down the occasional cheerio, standing on my own while holding mommy’s hands, and playing outside!

we’ve spent a lot of time out back while garrett plays (and faux-bakes cookies and cakes) in his clubhouse. i don my little cap (or new shades) to keep the sun out of my eyes and i’m good to go. and this past weekend we went to the strawberry festival and had a blast!

i’ve also taken (somewhat) to this whole sleep thing. while i do enjoy the snooze of more than 2 straight hours, as i felt my ‘keep mom and dad trained-grasp’ slipping, i’ve made sure i kept them on their toes at random points through the evening. can’t let them think they run this ship right?

enjoy the pics!

love- g & k

..watch out boys, she’s becomin’ a little lady!

good morning everybody!

what a weekend! hope you all had a good one too. i don’t even know where to start. it was a busy week and will be a fun month coming up for sure! so as most of you know, i turned 4 (mos of course) this past week. and of course, when you turn 4 mos old, you need to start acting like it, right? that means good bye to the days of almost sleeping through the nights (a girl’s got stuff to see and more importantly, things to say), hello voice, and upright seats and bouncers, and yum-o solid foods!

i got my new seat from grammy and pop pop so i can sit at the counter with everyone at dinner, and mom and dad grabbed garrett’s bouncer for me to try out.. ..loved it! and garrett was very nice to share it with me since it was really his (see: sarcasm). i also tried oatmeal on saturday. mom and dad were in cohorts with my doctor to try and fill me up so i’d sleep more or something like that, but tis all in vain! i’ll sleep when i’m ready. until then, just wake up and listen to my night songs i like singing. sounds nice right? i thought it was the least i could do for them.

garrett said he’ll talk to you all soon-he’s been nice enough to allow me to high-jack his blog for a bit but with my big bro’s 2nd bday coming up next week, i’m sure he’ll be back on to give you all some face time soon.

until then, love you!


..excuses, excuses, excuses! 3 months old!!

‘we’re so busy now that everyone’s back to work..’ ‘two kids leaves us so wiped out at the end of the day and week..’ ‘yada-yada-yada..’

just give me the laptop and let me talk to my people already! it’s me, kendall, and i’m three (almost four) months old!

sorry about the delay. above you see the short list of stories i hear from mom and dad as to why it takes so long for me to get my tiny little fingers on the computer to get my stories and pictures to you all. i’ll stay on them though, dont worry. it’ll get more timely, i promise!

so how have you all been? we’ve been great over here! winter hasn’t been too bad on us. even though it’s been cold, we’ve done our best through footy pjs and lots of hugs to stay warm. garrett and i have been getting closer and closer too! that crazy son of (our parents) is a real ham for sure. he cracks me up every time i see that face! i’ve been working on my voice and almost rolling over too! dad’s getting grayer and grayer by the day. a walking, talking me is why he took up boxing years ago. future boyfriend’s beware! (he also plans on buying a gun in case physical intimidation isn’t his thing..)

hope you guys are all doing good! i’ll see you soon!